What is Divine Revelation ?

The word Revelation comes from Latin. It means ‘to disclose‘ or ‘to reveal‘ that which is hidden.

By our God given reason, we can know that this beautiful world in which we live, has to have a Creator God. This God however is not visible to our eyes. In that respect, our God is ‘hidden‘ as we do not see or hear God directly as we see other visible things.

God created man and wants man to attain true happiness. Our true happiness is when we truly know God and love God with all our heart. But how can we know or love that which is hidden or beyond our senses ?

God alone provides the solution to this. In order for us to know and love God, our loving God discloses the mystery about Himself as well as His plan for mankind. Divine Revelation refers to how God reveals to mankind about God’s mystery and God’s divine plan. Before the coming of Jesus, God chose prophets and through prophets, God communicated His plan to people. We read in the Book of Exodus that God chose Moses and spoke to Moses about God’s plan to free the people of Israel from Egypt and to lead them into the promised land. The whole of Sacred Scripture is God’s divine revelation at various stages in human history.

In the final stage of God’s revelation, God fully revealed Himself to mankind through our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the culmination of God’s divine revelation after preparing mankind through various stages of revelation.

References –

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Hebrews 1 / 1-2 (Malayalam Bible)

One thought on “What is Divine Revelation ?

  1. Mathew Kannanthanam

    This is the website we talked about today, right? Looks good to me. Need to figure out how to get the best results out of it. On another note, be doubly sure that anything posted by you is doctrinally correct. God bless you.


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